Booking Your Appointment


As we are exclusively an after hours clinic offering 60 minute one on one consultations, we unfortunately have a limited number of appointment times available per week. 

Dedicating an hour to you allows us to provide a quality service where you can expect the following:

  • Detailed subjective assessment
  • Thorough objective examination to help us correctly identify the source of your pain and provide you with a diagnosis
  • Detect and treat any mechanical dysfunctions that may be contributing to your injury
  • Spend time providing you with a detailed explanation of what your injury is and "what is going on"
  • Focus on treatment aimed at quickly reducing your pain and symptoms
  • Discuss any goals you may have, whether it be to return to sport or just be pain free and provide you with a rehabilitation plan to help you achieve this
  • Provide you with an exercise program that you will be able to access through an application on your mobile phone and perform independently

Appointments types:

  • Initial Consultation (for new injuries/patients) - 60 minutes
  • Standard Consultation (for existing injuries/patients)- 60 minutes
  • Injury Prevention Screening- 60 minutes


Please note that all consultations are on site health fund rebatable. Our prices are:

  • Initial Consultation $155.00
  • Standard Consultation $155.00
  • Injury Prevention Screening + Injury Prevention Program $155.00


For all bookings please call the number above or email: