Sports Injury Management

We have extensive experience in treating and managing sports injuries, allowing us to have you back to activity as soon as possible. Our sports injury mangment is not limited to treatment and assessment, we also design return to play/activity protocols, set out a rehab running regime for you, suggest alternative ways to maintain your fitness levels without affecting your injury and are happy to liase with coaching and strength and conditioning staff to keep them in loop while you are injured.

Work Related Injuries

The repetitive nature of our jobs whether it be extended periods of sitting, standing or lifting can expose the same structures in our body to excecsive load. These areas will cry out for help from time to time and there way of doing this is by having you experience pain.

In many cases a short course of physiotherapy can help alleviate your symptoms and have you return to work and the activities you love in no time. We know however, that it is important to minimise the chance of the pain returning and therefore make it a priority to teach our patients how to achieve this.

Please Note: We are happy to treat workers compensation injuries however require our patients to pay in full. You will be given a receipt which can later be claimed by your insurer.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can have a devastating effect on our lives. Whether it is neck, back, knee, hip, shoulder or any other body part, it not only effects us physically, but also mentally and emotionally. We are well versed in the management of chronic pain and understand the frustration associated with seeking endless treatment options to help address the condition.

We use a bio-psychosocial model to help address chronic pain and have had an extremely high success rate with this. Our combination of hands on and exercise therapy will help improve your function and movement while reducing your pain. Please view our video below.


Injury Prevention Screening:

Using a combination of our sporting experience and the latest literature, we have designed a 45 minute screening protocol aimed at detecting any positive findings that may increase your chances of being injured or re-injured.

Following your screening we will sit down with you and explain the results of your testing and also design a program to help you address any of the deficits found in order to minimise the likelihood of an injury occurring during your sport or exercise.

Please note: This is approximately a one hour consultation.